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Gen. Kovid Bhakdibhumi
Vice President of WBC and Chairman of WBC Muay Thai
Thakoon Pongsupha
Thailand’s Sasiprapa Camp Owner and Fight Manger
Kiate Sirigul
Wolrdwide recognized WBC and WBC Muay Thai Advisor



Dej Sri-ampai, or ring name Nokweed Lookpranboon, is a retired Muay Thai boxer from Saraburi, Thailand. He was one of the fighters from Lookpranboon camp, before it was taken over by "brother" Noi Vuthisopaporn, and the name was changed to Lookprabat.

Nokweed has lived in America for the last 20 years, and although life wasn't always easy for him in the earlier years, everything changed because of his knowledge in Muay Thai. Even though he left fighting to pursue higher education at Kasetsart University, his experiences in approximately 100 fights in the provinces became a deep well of knowledge, which could be passed on to others.

Nokweed not only became a Muay Thai Kru (teacher) in America, but he also became a very competent referee and judge. Nokweed has been campaigning to have full Muay Thai rules be accepted for many, many years. Several states, including California and Nevada, have now finally accepted full Muay Thai rules.

Nokweed is a licensed referee and judge by the athletic commission of California, Nevada, Arizonia, and Texas, and also is licensed by the Sport Authority of Thailand and the WBC Muay Thai. In February 2006, Nokweed and the WBC Muay Thai held the first American referee seminar, and in May 2006 the first Muay Thai seminar was held in Mexico.

For Nokweed, Muay Thai is not only about fighting. Muay Thai is about learning about ones self and learning respect. Muay Thai includes a traditional Wai Kru dance which shows respect to the fighter's parents, teachers, king and religion. Nokweed's desire is to continue to help Muay Thai grow in popularity around the world and to show the world the true art and heart of Muay Thai.


Robin Hart, Co-Founder of Muay Thai School USA and At One Fitness as well as the promoter for Stand Up Promotions.

Robin Hart as the only female professional promoter in the USA has brought some of the best fighters from around the world such as Tetsuya Yamato, Simon Marcus, Rungravee Sasiprapa, and the legendary Sanchai! Stand Up Promotions made history with Kevin Ross and Sanchai Sinbi when they held the only Muay Thai WBC "Diamond Belt" fight in the world.

Robin believes Muay Thai is much more than just a physical sport, Muay Thai develops ones mind and spirit. Robin knows that few people will actually use Muay Thai to step into the ring and fight, but everyone is in the ring in their own lives and the skills developed in Muay Thai such as respect for one self and others, confidence, and courage, can directly be used in each persons daily life.



Having started at the young age of six, Dan Mayid has over 20 years of Martial Arts experience. Always searching for as much knowledge as possible, he has trained in many forms of Martial Arts which lead him to the teachings of Kru Nokweed Sri-Ampai. He is currently the manager and fight manager at Muay thai School USA. Dan specializes in working the junior program. He teaches kids not only the physical aspects of Muay Thai, but more importantly, how to incorporate the art in all aspects of their lives.

"Muay Thai is more than just a sport, but a way of life. Respect, confidence, discipline, honor, and appreciation for one's family and friends are what we instill in our students. At Muay Thai School USA we want to provide our students with the tools to help build good character and the life skills needed to be successful in everything they do in life"


Joe Krausz has been training Muay Thai under Kru Nokweed at Muay Thai School USA since the opening of the school. Muay Thai has helped him with his overall decision making, life, health, and reaquainted him with his Thai heritage. Joe beleives that Muay Thai represents more than a Martial Art, but life. Growing up, Muay Thai helped keep Joe out of trouble and allowed him to grow into a responsible and well adjusted adult. Joe hopes to learn more and continue to grow with the sport and wishes to be able to share his Muay Thai knowledge and experience with future students of Muay Thai. Today, Joe Krausz is an Assitant Fight Manager for Muay Thai School USA

ROY CORONA- Instructor/Fighter

Roy Corona has always wanted to be apart of a sport that required strength, speed, balance, and physical agility. When Corona found the Art of Eight Limbs, he quickly learned that not only did he have to have those skills, but also had to mentally strong and remain focused at all times. Corona feels that the discipline and knowledge that can be gained from Muay Thai can turn an average person into a great fighter and athlete, but more importantly, a good person. Learning Muay Thai has been a humbling experience for Corona and has allowed him to open his mind and heart to a new culture. “I train at Muay Thai School USA because of the World Class instruction I receive and the support they have given me to accomplish my life’s goals.”



Borin Khoun’s love for Muay Thai and martial arts began at a very young age when his family fled to Thailand during the killing field. While growing up in Thailand during his childhood he learned the art of Muay Thai Kickboxing. In 1984, Borin and his family came to the United States. As an adolescent he continued martial arts by learning traditional Karate, Tang Soo Do. Being more experienced than the other students, Borin mastered karate very quickly and was teaching at the age of 13 at a black belt level.

Borin has competed and won many open Karate competition tournaments and was named champion numerous times. He also won the 2001 Southeast Regional International Kickboxing Championship in Atlanta, Georgia and the 2007 International Karate Championship in Long Beach, California. Borin has had the honor and privilege of training with Olympic trainers and went on to compete in Judo and Ju-Jitsu where he won many tournaments and again named champion in his weight division.

Today, Borin trains at Muay Thai School USA with his trainer from Thailand, Nokweed Sri-Ampai. Kru Nokweed has taken Borin’s training to the next level. Learning the Art of 8 Limbs by using strikes of the knee or the elbow can be very dangerous in close range combat. “Kru Nokweed is an excellent trainer and is also well known for his clinching techniques.” Borin has learned and is still mastering the clinching techniques taught by Kru Nokweed. Borin Khoun is proud to represent Muay Thai School USA as he competes for yet another championship.


I was born in North Hollywood CA, and raised in Palmdale CA. I currently reside in Pacoima CA, with my wife and daughter. Muay Thai was a way for me to get into shape, not just physically but mentally do to personal reasons. Muay Thai has been the stepping stone for me to become a better person not just for myself but for my family. As a fighter my goal is to expand the art of Muay Thai by becoming a referee, a ring judge and by sharing the knowledge I have been given with those that are willing to share in the experience.


Fighting name Suay Kom (สวยงาม คม)/ JJ Lookprabat born and raised in Southern California ( Los Angeles County ). My ethnicity is American, Mexican, Spanish, and Native American from the Pascua Yaqui tribe. I am an adventurer at heart, one who loves to take risks, to discover and explore new worlds, and take the untried path. I am an independent soul, freedom loving, and often very restless, hopeless romantic. I acquire vision and foresight and my mind is normally occupied with big ideas, plans, and goals. Mostly interested in what is possible and what is on the horizon, rather than what already has been done.

In regard, to my educational background I became a Certified Nursing Assistant, at seventeen years old. I graduated from Los Angeles Mission College with an Associate of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies and Anthropology. I graduated from University of Phoenix with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a Master’s of Science in Business and specialization in Management.

I have conducted community work throughout my life with non-profit programs, particularly with San Fernando Valley Partnership and Los Angeles Free Clinic. My mother who used to be a social worker and humanitarian was my greatest influence. Since I was a child she had me in activities serving the public interest or common good. Thus, my aim is to be employed by an organization that makes a difference in my community or abroad.

In recent times, Muay Thai School USA was able to open many opportunities for me; I had the chance to move to Thailand with my best friend in January 2011. I was privileged to be the first woman to reside, train, and fight at the oldest Muay Thai camp Lookprabat . In addition, I conducted community service at two temples Wat Phra Baht Nam Phu and Wat Tham Krabok with monks who offered aid to hospice AIDS patients, refugees, and drug addicts. As a result from my three and half month journey, I feel mentally equipped for any new transitions in life and physically conditioned in the Art of Eight Limbs. In addition, I was given a another opportunity to fight professionally in Thailand in 2012 with Lookprabat Muay Thai Camp. If it wasn’t for Muay Thai School USA ‘s training, guidance, and mentorship. I would have never been given the opportunity of a life time and fulfilled my dreams.


21 Years old, born in Los Angeles, CA and currently a California State Certified Massage Therapist

During high school I wanted to get back into a martial art but I never took the initiative until a high school project came around. In this project, I documented myself learning something I had an interest in but have no experience in, like the MTV show “Made.” Since then, I have continued to practice and train in Muay Thai.

Muay Thai has influenced me to become a better person. Although it is an aggressive sport, it has taught me patience, calmness, and helped me to make better decisions. Muay Thai also helped me gain the confidence to feel safe by knowing I can defend myself, family, or friends.

I would like to continue to fight just to test myself and see where I stand but my biggest goal is to build a massage & bodywork practice focusing on all Muay Thai fighters and fighters alike.


My name is Yasamina Kabisch. I am a 25 year old Greek and Italian fire cracker. I was born in Chandler Arizona. After some moving around, my family settled in Michigan, were I spent most of my life. In 2009 I visited California and after three days I called my family and announced I would not be coming home. The transition was difficult, but I loved all the potential I felt out here.

With no real direction, a personal trainer randomly approached me on the street and asked if I’d ever considered becoming a trainer. With a bit of guidance, I soon became a certified trainer and was introduced to the owners of At 1 Fitness and Muay Thai School USA. When I first walked into the gym I felt something special. Robin and Nokweed gave off a warmth that only family can give. I quickly noticed the ring and realized I was in the right place.

I had always wanted to learn to fight. From a very young age I was a competitive athlete, starting as a gymnast and then a junior Olympian and Nationally ranked runner. As I got older I competed as a salsa dancer and trained a martial art called Capoeria. The next step for me was to learn a combative martial art and to develop the skills necessary to fight. My mom didn’t like the idea, but I made her feel better by explaining to her that learning self-defense is always a good idea. After months of watching Kru Nokweed’s Muay Thai classes, I finally jumped in. I quickly fell in love with Muay Thai. There is a peace to be found once you learn to let your ego go, which I find to be an ongoing process. In return you are more connected both physically and emotionally and your confidence soars as your senses become sharper and your coordination keener. Muay Thai has taught me so much about myself. It reflects the journey through life in both its brutality and beauty.

Being a competitive athlete I have plans to fight in the near future. I have had many coaches through out my life, but none have shown such peace through their demeanor. If there is one thing I will take away from training Muay Thai, it is to find my own peace through this beautiful art form.


Brian King, 26, born in Dallas, TX. I graduated from the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma, and moved to Southern California with my girlfriend in 2007. I am a software developer for a marketing agency in Los Angeles, and I live in North Hollywood.

I started training in Muay Thai to keep in shape, and to be more active after sitting at work in front of a computer all day. I have always played sports, and I wanted to step out of my comfort zone to learn something new and challenging. After one week of training with Kru Nokweed I was hooked on learning more and trying to make myself better at the sport.

Muay Thai gives me an outlet I never had with traditional team sports because of its individuality. It has also introduced me to some really amazing and talented people, both as instructors and as training partners. It is a humbling experience to be able to train with so many great people.

Right now my goal is to simply keep training and enjoying the sport.

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