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Dej Sri-ampai, or ring name Nokweed Lookpranboon, is a retired Muay Thai boxer from Saraburi, Thailand. He was one of the fighters from Lookpranboon camp, before it was taken over by "brother" Noi Vuthisopaporn, and the name was changed to Lookprabat.

Nokweed is vice-chairman for Rules and Regulations for the WBC Muay Thai and Technical Director for WBC Regional Affairs (USA/Mexico), a licensed referee and judge by the athletic commission of California, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas, and also is licensed by the Sport Authority of Thailand and the WBC Muay Thai. In February 2006, Nokweed and the WBC Muay Thai held the first American referee seminar, and in May 2006 the first Muay Thai seminar was held in Mexico.

For Nokweed, Muay Thai is not only about fighting. Muay Thai is about learning about ones self and learning respect. Muay Thai includes a traditional Wai Kru dance which shows respect to the fighter's parents, teachers, king and religion. Nokweed's desire is to continue to help Muay Thai grow in popularity around the world and to show the world the true art and heart of Muay Thai.

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Robin Hart, Co-Founder of Muay Thai School USA and At One Fitness as well as the promoter for Stand Up Promotions. 

Robin Hart as the only female professional promoter in the USA has brought some of the best fighters from around the world such as Tetsuya Yamato, Simon Marcus, Rungravee Sasiprapa, and the legendary Sanchai! Stand Up Promotions made history with Kevin Ross and Sanchai Sinbi when they held the only Muay Thai WBC "Diamond Belt" fight in the world.

Robin believes Muay Thai is much more than just a physical sport, Muay Thai develops ones mind and spirit. Robin knows that few people will actually use Muay Thai to step into the ring and fight, but everyone is in the ring in their own lives and the skills developed in Muay Thai such as respect for one self and others, confidence, and courage, can directly be used in each persons daily life.