We are proud to present our Kru and instructors at Muay Thai School USA.


HEAD Kru Dan Mayid - Program Director

Having started at the young age of six, Dan Mayid has over 27 years of Martial Arts experience. He began his training in US Black Cat Kenpo. After receiving his black belt, he began to delve into other forms of martial arts such as Sanucus Ryu Jujutsu, American style kickboxing, and Filipino stick fighting. Always searching for as much knowledge as possible, he was led to the teachings of Muay Thai studying directly under Kru Nokweed Sri-Ampai, founder of Muay Thai School USA. Dan is currently the head instructor and program director at Muay Thai School USA. Dan has trained many amateur and professional fighters to victory all over the country and specializes in developing the junior program. He teaches kids not only the physical aspects of Muay Thai, but more importantly, how to incorporate the art in all aspects of their lives.

"Muay Thai is more than just a sport, but a way of life. Respect, confidence, discipline, honor, and appreciation for one's family and friends are what we instill in our students. At Muay Thai School USA we want to provide our students with the tools to help build good character and the life skills needed to be successful in everything they do in life"


kru edward gonzalez

From a young age, Edward Antonio Gonzalez has trained in a variety of martial arts. He started off training for 5 years for the Jr. Olympic Taekwondo competition. From there his passion grew and he branched out to other martial arts, including boxing and Judo.

Ed went on to discover Muay Thai, and has been studying and competing in Muay Thai for the last 6 years.  He has been an Muay Thai instructor for 3 years at Muay Thai School USA and teaches everyone from kids to adults. 

“There is nothing more empowering and stress relieving than training Muay Thai. The danger of the nature of Muay Thai has created a foundation of respect that can be applied to anything in life. Work hard, take risks, respect others, and live to the fullest are some of the lessons I have taken from Muay Thai. Being able to teach from my experiences is a big honor. Seeing others benefit and grow from this whether it be for Muay Thai competition or just on a daily basis brings me great pleasure.”


Travis Garlits - Fight Manager

Travis found a home in Muay Thai and martial arts in 2003 and immediately started fighting. He fought from 2003-2008 as an Amatuer fighter and became an amateur champion winning the IAMTF California Junior Welterweight Championship Belt. In 2008, Travis began fighting professionally, and in 2017 won the IKKC Super LightWeight Muay Thai California Championship Belt.

He is currently the fight manager for Muay Thai School USA and looks forward to helping fighters achieve their goals in the ring. Travis believes that Muay Thai and martial arts have shaped and changed his life dramatically for the better and hopes to pass this on to future generations.

Junior Muay Thai Instructors


Brianna Davidov

Has over 8 years of martial arts experience. Black belt in Arjukenpo. Black belt in Doce Pares Eskrima

“Muay Thai has strengthened me as a martial artist. I love teaching kids because its my passion being an influence and mentor in their lives.”



Matt Mayid

Trained in New Jersey under Master Carl Beams.
Has over 9 years training under brother Dan Mayid.

“I fell in love with the sport when I was a kid and always looked up to my instructors. I love that I am now able to pass the knowledge I have gained down to the next generation.”



Shirley Bamaca

Over 5 years experience at Muay Thai School USA
Jr Intermediate/advanced and Muay Thai for Fitness Instructor.

“To me, The Art of Eight Limbs is more than a sport, it defines who I am! I enjoy teaching the kids classes because I know that I am giving them the guidance to become successful! I believe, the discipline they learn at Muay Thai will set them apart from the rest!”


Natthanicha (Sunny) Kudsanoi

Born in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. First learned Muay Thai from her grandfather who was a fighter. 
Fighter and Instructor for Muay Thai School USA

“I think Muay Thai teaches more than to kick, punch, elbow, or knee. It teaches us to be a better person.”